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Trat Walking Tour

It’s a beautiful day so we thought we embark on a Trat walking tour. You know when you live a place but never really find the time to check out all the cool or interesting places to go? Well, we are like that too! Last year we went back to London and even though I lived there for a decade, we both had fun discovering/rediscovering it together as a couple of tourists. It’s been the same with Trat.

Walking @ Trat – Trat Walking Tour

We have lived in Trat province for nearly four years, first on Koh Chang island for a couple of years and now near Khao Saming, just outside Trat city. We recently picked up a Walking @Trat map from ‘Check-In Trat’ when we dropped in for some ice tea (and left with food, books and t-shirts) and decide to finally put our best feet forward and discover Trat…

Katae with Walking @ Trat Map

1. Statue of King Chulalongkorn

Walking @Trat say – For an auspicious journey around Trat province, start by paying respect to King Rama V the Great, the spiritual center of the Trat people.

TL say – A good central place to start on your journey of discovery in front of the local government offices and Police HQ.

2. Trat City Museum

Walking @Trat say – The old Trat City Hall building has been turned into the Trat City Museum that accommodates exhibition rooms displaying the historical background of Trat province. Listen to an expert in Trat’s history telling stories in an enjoyable way.

TL say – A traditional teak building with a well laid-out tour within. Signage is in Thai and English and there’s also a guide if you would like more information about Trat’s history. Entrance fee is 10 Baht for Thais and 30 Baht for foreigners. It’s also a great place to escape from the heat of the day!

Trat Museum

3. The City Pillar Shrine

Walking @Trat say – Pay homage to Trat’s sacred and much revered Chinese City Pillar God to seek for a blessing and admire the contemporary Sino-Thai art of the City Pillar Shrine.

TL say – A beautiful and colourful Chinese temple located on Lak Muang Road with some interesting trees in the courtyard.

Katae at City Pillar Shrine - Trat

4. Buppharam Temple

Walking @Trat say – Built in the reign of King Prasat Thong (around 1648 AD). Wat Buppharam is the oldest temple in Trat and was granted with the Architectural Conservation Award by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) in 2001. Pay respect to the Luangpho to Buddha image. See murals inside the old ordination hall, visit the temple’s museum where a collection of old and precious objects are exhibited and witness the monks cells built in the traditional Thai style in the size as regulated by the monastic discipline, the only one of this kind in Eastern Thailand.

TL say – Do not attempt to walk here. The map isn’t to scale and it’s 2-3 kilometers outside the city. Jump on a motorcycle taxi or songtaew near the market to get there. You’ll be glad you did.

Reclining Buddha at Buppharam Temple

5. Crab Noodle Sukhumvit

Walking @Trat say – Trat’s old noodle shop offering local food like the spicy ‘khao Phat Phrik Kluea’ or fried rice with seafood dip sauce and crab meat. Shrimp, or mantis shrimp, a not-to-be-missed dish.

TL say – We are not actually sure if we found it, but you can find food everywhere in Trat.

6. Phai Om Temple

Walking @Trat say – Visit the Ubasat or ordination hall of Wat Phai Lam where the late King Bhumibal Adulyadej and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit came to attend the private Kathin Robe Offering Ceremony on 18 October 1968.

TL say – The temple is very close to Statue of King Chulalongkorn. It has a beautiful stupa and gardens with mature trees to shade you from the blistering sun. There is also a large pond with giant catfish you can feed. This location was probably the ‘find’ on our Trat walking tour.

Phai Om Temple in Trat

7. Rai-Rang Market

Walking @Trat say – A large market in the heart of the city where food is available from dawn till dusk, but will become especially lively at two times of the day: 04:00 – 08:00 hrs in the morning is ideal for those who wish to experience the atmosphere of a wet market with an array of fresh fish from the sea, such as talang, queenfish, Indian threadfish, shark, flathead lobster etc. Then, in the late afternoon, enjoy the atmosphere at a night market with smiling villagers and local dishes like khao Phat Phrik Kluen, Khanom Bunduk, and Khao Kriap. On cooked community chefs.

TL say – Trat is a market town and its center is right here. You can find pretty much anything here from clothes to fresh food, and from fishing rods to handbags.

8. Rasidanggamport Residence

Walking @Trat say – Among the memories at Trat’s people is the hip-roof building located in the Bang Phra when the City was under French administration. Seeing that the building was unoccupied, the French turned it into the residence for their president with the basement serving as a place of confinement before the offender was taken to the French court.

TL say – This building has a little history attached to it, but it’s aesthetics have nothing to write home about. The signage was in Thai and English but so faded by the sun or time it was impossible to read.

French Rasidanggamport Residence in Trat

9. Cha-Ruen Road

Walking @Trat say – Pronounced Than Cha-raen. “Than” is the former name of Phra Trat Buri Si Samut Khet who had this road constructed in the area that was then a commercial quarter between Trat and Chinese merchants who arrived in junks. Experience the ambience of a canal side community where old residential buildings still remain to be seen. Every year during the first Friday-Sunday in March, the Legend of Khlong Bang Phra is held to take Trat’s children as well as visitors back to the past for them to learn and help sustain Trat’s local way of life, culture and tradition.

TL say – A quaint little street with traditional Thai wooden buildings alongside it and in the close proximity of the river. A quite spot to rest up after walking Trat and enjoy a well earned drink and a bite to eat.

We had a fun half day walking around Trat and discovered a few new places we never made the time and effort to visit before.

Trat Walking Tour Tips

Trat is a small and safe town, so grab a map and have a wonder around. We would also recommend you go ‘off-map’ and amble where-ever life takes you on your Trat walking tour. You never know what you may find and I promise you, you will not get lost!

Remember to take the following item to have a safe and enjoyable walkabout: Map, drinking water, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, sandals or sneakers, mini fan and sunscreen.

Have you discovered Trat? Let us know in the comments below.

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Trat Walking Tour

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sustainable Farm Produce in Thailand

When it comes down to writing about food for this blog or buying food for our house, Katae is the one who takes care of business. I like to be outside growing fresh fruit and vegetables, while Katae likes to be in the kitchen creating new recipes and serving up wonderful, wholesome meals.

Lately, we have been discussing the origins of our food a lot more. The fruit and vegetables we grow we know without doubt, they have no herbicides, pesticides or any other nasty chemicals sprayed on them.

We keep chickens only for eggs as I don’t want to kill them or prepare them to eat and I can’t find anyone locally who will do it for me. If there was, we’d be happy to eat them as they are fed a good and varied diet and get to free range around our property.

We have been buying most of our meat and poultry from the local market and occasionally one of the big brand stores in town. However, I keep seeing trucks loaded up with live chickens and pigs. The chickens don’t resemble anything like the birds we raise. They all look quite sick, lost most of their feathers and don’t even have room to stand. I bought half a dozen of these chickens a year ago and they didn’t know how to even walk. When they did finally figure out they had space they could move around, they used to jump like rabbits with their feet together. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad but true!

Besides the unethical way the animals we eat are farmed, my main worry about consuming meat and poultry reared in these appalling conditions is that of the long terms effect on our health from eating produce full of growth hormones, antibiotics, additives and all manner of shit they are forced fed.

Katae at Trat Green Market

Trat Green Market

We recently discover Trat Green Market. Trat Green Market is a small market held every Wednesday, perhaps not much more than a dozen stalls selling fresh, fruit, vegetables, greens, honey and meat etc. from local suppliers.

We did start to get our meat from there and it was definitely better than the cuts we were getting from the local markets and superstores. It is also convenient to get some other fresh vegetables we are not currently growing or have readily available.

However, I do find the lack of transparency a little worrying. I’ve spoken with local farmers, who have told me their fruit is ‘organic’ and they are pleased to tell me they do not spray any chemicals on their trees. However, that doesn’t stop them from spraying the grass between their trees with weed killer. They simply don’t see the connection.

So we have been growing our own fruit and vegetables for the last 18 months but the recurring chicken and meat issue keeps popping up. Now we think we have found a solution.

Paleo Robbie - Kangaroo Meet

The Paleo Robbie Online Grocery

A friend in Bangkok introduced us to Paleo Robbie. Paleo Robbie sells sustainable and responsibly-sourced meats and all manner of healthy foods. By all accounts, my friend, let’s call him ‘Gio’ for that is his name, lives on this stuff. He really eats out in Bangkok anymore and instead feast on the range of over 300 healthy items from PL.

Thinglish Lifestyle - Click to Tweet

As anyone who has spent five minutes in Thailand will testify, street food is everywhere in Bangkok (and just about everywhere else) and is very convenient. I recall thinking Thai food was very healthy when I first moved out here but the longer I live here, the more I realise the opposite is true.

Paleo Robbie Bacon ans Sausage

Paleo Robbie works closely with a number of trusted partners and sustainable farms in Thailand, Laos and beyond who operate with respect for the environment and their employees, humane treatment of animals, rigorous quality standards, and sustainable practices. All well and good but we are 300 kilometres from the capital. Fortunately for us, they deliver nationwide and the food arrives fresh and frozen.

Paleo Robbie Chocolate and Nuts

Not only is their food ethically farmed or organic but it is loaded with flavour. I had almost forgotten how good real bacon tastes like and the Lincolnshire sausages are just like the ones from back home in all their herby glory.

I’m not an affiliate and do not get any kind of remuneration from Paleo Robbie for writing this. They don’t even know I’ve written it, but if you are in Thailand and care about how your meat is reared and what it’s been reared on, you can’t go far wrong than trying Paleo Robbie out for yourself.

Have you used Paleo Robbie’s online grocery service and ready meals? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to save $$$ on your first order? Drop me a message with ‘Paleo Robbie’ in the subject line and I’ll send you a  discount voucher code.

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Sustainable Farms Produce in Thailand

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Discovery Garden

While we’re traveling or even surfing the net, I’m always on the look out for rare and exotic plants, trees and shrubs to add to my growing collection in our budding permaculture food forest.

On a recent trip to Sri Lanka we fell in love with cinnamon trees and now have four growing very nicely. More recently, I stumbled upon cocoa trees (chocolate) at the Khao Saming Orchid Festival. I ended up buying eight and planting them in various places throughout the garden to see where they grow best. Who knows, one day we may be producing our very own Thinglish Chocolate!

Cocoa pod at Discovery Garden

I’m relatively new to gardening and farming in Thailand and although I learn a lot from reading and watching Youtube videos, there really is no substitute to getting your hands dirty and experimenting in the garden.

Screw Pines

Screw Pine at Breezeo Royal Cliff Hotel Pattaya

We were staying at The Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya a few months ago and I noticed a beautiful and robust tree while eating lunch at Breezeo restaurant by the beach. I photographed it and later identified it as a Screw Pine (Pandanus tectorius). To my surprise, I found a dealer online, also in Pattaya.

Discovery Garden

The Discovery Garden looks to be a passion project of a retired gentleman by the name of Hans. We we attending the Bill Bailey Live show last weekend at the Royal Cliff and arrange a private tour of his gardens. I must say, I had tree envy!

Walking through his 7 rai, he introduced us to his plant collection that has a large emphasis on trees from South America, along with baobab trees, cashew nuts, tiesa, cocoa and Mexican guava.

Plants at discovery Garden - Pattaya Naranjilla Double head banana Katae at Discovery Garden Iguana Pattaya Red Lipstick Tree Soursop Cocoa pod Ornamental Pineapple

He also has iguanas, parakeets and around 70 geece that keep the grass nice and trim,

At the end of the tour we purchased the screw pine that first led me to the Discovery Garden along with the following trees:

  • 1 x root sock Guabilla tree (Inga marginata)
  • 2 x Air layered Forastero cocoa (one I’m gifting to a friend)
  • 1 x Air layered Trinitario cocoa
  • 1 x Strawberry Guava (Psidium cattleyanum)
  • 1 x Gac fruit vine (Momordica cochinchinensis)
  • 1 x Egg fruit tree (Pouteria campechiana)
  • 1 x Red Lipstick tree (bixa orellana)


Unpacked Plants from Discover Garden

To arrange a tour of the Discovery Gardens in Pattaya or Nong Khai, contact Hans and tell him Thinglish Lifestyle sent you; )

We will also be opening our garden for complimentary tours for customers of our Thai cooking classes. You can find out more about the Thinglish Cooking Experience and schedule classes here.

The Discovery Garden

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

New Trat Immigration Office in Klong Yai

The Thai Immigration Department for Trat Province has a new home having recently relocated from Laem Ngop to its new purpose-built building in Klong Yai.

Please note; The Trat Immigration office in Klong Yai is about 10km before the Hat Lek border crossing to Cambodia. If you reach the border, you have gone too far!

Thai Immigration Department Office - Klong Yai - Trat Immigration

The small sub-office of Trat Immigration is still open on Koh Chang island for expats to register their 90 days place of residence but for all other visa related business, you’ll have to trek the 80km or so to Klong Yai.

For tourists looking to extend their Tourist Visa, you will have to head to Klong Yai too.

It’s a bit of a trek, so make sure you have all your documentation in order and remember to take the following items with you.

  • Your valid passport
  • A completed visa extension application form (available at the immigration office)
  • A recent Passport size photo
  • A photocopy of the main pages of your passport
  • A photocopy of the page showing your current visa stamp and Departure Card
  • 1,900 Baht

Photos and Photocopy Shop in Klong Yai

If you don’t have a recent passport photo or photocopies of the relevant passport pages, there is a service behind the Immigration office where you can get these items done but don’t rely on them being open. It’s a long trek and it would be advisable to go prepared to avoid doing more than one trip or incurring an overstay.

Traveling to Trat Immigration in Klong Yai

By Car; follow the signs to Hat Lek border crossing until you get to Klong Yai. From the main road to the border, do not turn right at the traffic lights into the town but drive on and pass the coffee shop, again on your right. A little after the coffee shop there is a small sign for Trat Immigration Office. Turn right into this small road (Soi Tessaban) and then proceed to take the first left. The office can be found near the hospital and behind the police station.

By Bus; leaving Trat Bus Station on a Hat Lek bound mini bus. Asked to be dropped off at Klong Yai town. From there, take a local motorbike taxi to the Immigration office.

Klong Yai Immigration Office Opening Times

The Trat Immigration Department office in Klong Yai is open five days a week:

Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm (Closed for lunch from 12:00pm to 1:00pm)

Closed on Weekends

Address: Trat Immigration Department, Klong Yai, Trat, Thailand

Contact: 039-581-776 (office hours) Email: c_khlongyai@immigration.go.th

Google Map of Koh Chang and Klong Yai Immigration Department Office Locations


Are you a Trat resident or business owner? You may qualify for a Trat Privilege Card from Bangkok Airways allowing you to get big discount on flights to and from Trat and Bangkok. Find out more here!

The New Trat Immigration Office in Klong Yai

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Stand Up – Bill Bailey

When I first moved to Thailand many years ago, there wasn’t much in the way to have a good laugh about.

I’m not talking about the endless cultural fopars, meeting a girl called Poo, attending a Ping-Pong show for the first (and last) time or watching dysfunctional and alcoholic farrangs in expat dive bars.

No, I’m talking about standup comedy clubs and a general scene of mirth and merry making performed by the professional traveling jokers and story tellers of this world. I missed the rich standup scene from back home in old Blighty!

Thankfully, several years ago a fledgling comedy scene started to develop in Bangkok and has now grown into a number of weekly standup, open mic and improv comedy nights across the capital from Khaosan Road, to the The Royal Oak Pub being the main two venues to catch a comedy show at very reasonable prices.

In 2017, this culminated into Bangkok’s 1st Comedy Fringe Festival and an influx of top flight comedy giants flying into Thailand, often for the first time.

In recent months we have seen Gina Yashere, Phil Kaye, Jimmy Carr, Eddie Izzard, Joe Rooney and the comedian’s comedian Doug Stanhope in the City of Angels and beyond.

Bill Bailey - Standup Comedy in Pattaya

Bill Bailey

It doesn’t stop there. April sees the mighty Bill Bailey on our white sand, sun kissed shores playing three gigs, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya as part of the 2018 Magners’ International Comedy Festival.

Bill Bailey will bring his ‘Larks in Transit‘ tour, signature musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence of his unique show to Thailand for the first time in a professional career that has spanned more than 20 years. Millions have experienced his take on politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness, and now you can too and be back on the beach by noon, big smile on your face and a cocktail in hand!

Take advantage of the special packages available to see Bill Bailey live on 7 April and stay at the Royal Cliff with Comedy Pattaya Packages here.

Stand Up – Bill Bailey

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Khao Khitchakut – Let it Rock!

Khao Khitchakut is a mountain peak in Chanthaburi province between Trat to the south and Rayong to the north.

The mountain peak is only open to the public for 2-3 months of the year between January and March. For Thai’s, it is a great act of making pilgrimage to the Buddha’s footprint at the top of the mountain and is considered as a great deed and way of making merit.

Katae in 4x4

We thought it would be best to travel to Khao Khitchakut on a weekday as at the weekend the number of people making their pilgrimage can be overwhelming. We didn’t want a repeat of our trip to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka.

We drove north from Trat to Chanthaburi and left the Sukhumvit Road towards Khao Khitchakut. This stretch takes 15-20 minutes if there is no traffic.

Khao Khitchakut Map by Google

We parked at Phluang Temple and paid 100 Baht each for a ride in a 4×4 pickup that would take us up the steep mountain for about 8km. It’s also another 100 Baht to take a ride back down the mountain. The only other alternative is to walk, but unless you are there first thing in the morning or super fit and acclimatised, we wouldn’t recommend it.

There are plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and shop before you jump on the 4×4, so hydrate yourself and load up on carbs!

As you set of, the first thing you pass is the large Khuan Pluang Reservoir before arriving at the borders of the National Park.

Entrance Fees for Khao Khitchakut National ParkAt the Khao Khitchakut National Park entrance you have to pay the entrance fee. This entry fees are:

  • Thai Adult – 20 Baht
  • Thai Child – 10 Baht
  • Foreign National – 100 Baht
  • Foreign National Child (3-14 years old) 50 Baht.

So much for so called white privilege!

Once paid, the roller-coaster ride commences on the dirt road cut through the jungle. It’s fun but not for the faint of heart. This takes about 30 minutes.

The last kilometre to the summit is made on foot or if you’re feeling like a King or have 1000 Baht to burn, two gentlemen will carry you up in a chair. The way is clearly marked and mainly consists of stairs made of concrete or wood. There is also handrails, ropes and good lighting, so if you are like us and leave late, you won’t get lost in the dark.

Bells, Katae and Karok at Khao Khitchakut National Park

It’s actually great to see the facilities are good. It looks like they are actually investing the entrance fee back into the infrastructure and amenities.

Khao Khitchakut National Park Rocks

Unfortunately for us, the clouds rolled in as we made our way to the summit, so we never got to see the amazing views over Chanthaburi we were looking forward to seeing. However, the still, ghost like atmosphere up high around the trees, laden with red linen, flowers and the sound of distant bells and monks chanting was a pretty special experience.

Red Ribbons and Katae at Summit of Khao Khitchakut

Ride to Khao Khitchakut 4x4 pickups Gold Leaf on Statue Strong sticks holding up rocks Bells at Khao Khitchakut Temple Khao Khitchakut Rocks Take a Ride Making Merit at Khao Khitchakut Top & Karok Karok on the summit Red Ribbons on Trees

Have you been to Khao Khitchakut? Let us know and share your experiences in the comments below.

Khao Khitchakut – Let it Rock!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Spectacular Sri Lanka People & Places

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a island in the Indian ocean just south of India, We decided to go there for an end of year holiday as we don’t know many people who have been there, and those who had, rave about its natural beauty. It didn’t disappoint.

Tintagel Colombo Hotel


After seeing photos of Sigiriya, we were hooked and flights were book. We flew from Bangkok on Sri Lanka Air to Colombo, one of the countries two international airports. From the airport we caught a taxi for an hours ride to the city of Colombo where we had book a beautiful boutique, colonial hotel by the name of Tintagel Colombo Hotel.

Perry with Charles and Camilla

The hotel comprises 10 suites and was home of 3 Srl Lanka political leaders. Even HRH Prince Charles and Camilla stayed there when they were last in town. We had one half of their adjoining suite by all accounts. It is all high ceilings, dark wood timber floors and expertly decorated. The staff are warm and friendly and surprised me with a birthday cake. So much for keeping my 50th low-key!

Katae Sari Fitting - Sri Lanka People and Places

Colombo is a busy city and we ventured out by tuk-tuk just the once to visit the Gangaramaya buddhist temple and try on saris, well Katae did! The city was hot, dirty and polluted, so we headed back to the sanctuary of the hotel. It had everything there we needed.

Gangaramaya buddhist temple

After 3 nights, our driver arrived and drove us to our next hotel, The Theva Residency high above Kandy. We took the long and winding road to Kandy for 6 hours arriving after dark. Google Maps told us it was only going to be 2 hours. The journey is only around 120KM but the roads go up and around the bend more times than you can shake a stick at. Currently, they are building a expressway from Colombo to Kandy so in about 18 months the journey will be less than 90 minutes.


The residency had stunning views of Kandy. Our room was large and spacious and conveniently close to the sauna and pool. Great for getting up in the morning to take a refreshing dip in the pool and sweat the evening wine out before a hearty breakfast.

Bats - Royal Botanical Gardens - Kandy Bamboo - Royal Botanical Gardens - Kandy

For sightseeing in Kandy the highlights for me was the Royal Botanical Gardens. Big trees, bamboo and bats! Also worthy of a visit is the Temple of the Tooth by Kandy Lake.

While in town we also visited a Batik factory. It was interesting to see the process of making this art/craft and the many procedures it takes to produce these designs on cloth.

Perry at Sigiriya

Of course, when in Kandy we headed out to Sigiriya, the lion rock. This ancient city temple is about a two hour drive from Kandy. If you visit, don’t do what we did and visit on a public holiday (Christmas Day). Stay close to the ancient fortress city as possible to get an early start in the morning. We didn’t and after paying $30USD each got stuck in a sweaty, heaving throng of humanity on the side of the mountain, in the sun for over an hour. Running low on water, we cut our losses and disappointed, headed back down to terra-firma.

Reality of Sigiriya

On the drive back to Kandy we stopped at a herb garden. The tour consisted of being introduced to the many trees and plants used locally for medicinal purposes. We have many of the same plants in our garden, except chocolate (the best medicine!). We throughly enjoyed walking around the gardens, which is a small piece of a 3000 acre estate.

Chocolate Pod


From Kandy, we drove south to Haputhala and stayed high up in the clouds in one of the very few hotels in the area Leisure Mount View. This hotel was more of a backpacker place, cheap and cheerful!

The views over the valley and the tea estate were amazing, then the clouds appeared and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. An afternoon walk through the estate took us up and down the valleys as it seemed to stretch out forever.

The beak of Dawn Haputhala

We planned on going to Lipton’s Seat on our first morning but decided against it when just after dawn broke, the clouds rolled in, so a stroll around town and had to suffice. Watching the locals play cricket, encountering cows, watching people packed like sardines on the trains and drinking tea was quintessentially Sri Lankan.

Sunrise - Haputhala

Our last port of call while in this beautiful country was going to take us from the interior and breathtaking mountains views of Sri Lanka to the beach on the south west coast. Unawatuna is just a few kilometres from Gaule.

Unawatuna and Gaule

We stayed at the Thambapanni Retreat just off Beach Road. We indulged in massages and the pool but skipped the yoga in the morning for a big breakfast.

Galle Old Town

We dined in the evening on the beach and hiked to Jungle Beach in the day, sipping on the local King coconut for refreshment. King coconuts are bright orange and quite unlike the coconuts we have here in Thailand. I’d like to get my dirty hands on a couple to grow here.

King Coconut - Sri Lanka

Jungle Beach

A visit to Unawatuna isn’t complete without a short trip up the road to Gaule Old Town. This colonial walled city is virtually car free so it’s safe and easy to amble around the old streets, shop and stop for a bite to eat in one of the narrow Dutch houses.

People of Sri Lanka

Ten days isn’t nearly enough time to see all of Sri Lanka but I think we got a good flavour for it. Our driver, who cost about $50USD per day including a Prius, all fuel and road tolls was outstanding. The journey back to the airport took 2 hours on the new highway.

Perry Tea Drinker

We throughly enjoyed our time and the experiences we had in Sri Lanka and would definitely go back there some day. The country is truly beautiful, but perhaps Sri Lanka’s biggest attribute is its people. Sometimes it hard to gauge if people are genuine when you are a tourist for obvious reasons, but we both came away from Sri Lanka with a lot of respect and fond memories of these very warm, friendly people and their spectacular country.

Sri Lanka… we love you!

Spectacular Sri Lanka People & Places

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